At BENIBECA we promote a model of responsible consumption in line with our philosophy of preserving the environment and protecting the welfare of our society, which is why we are committed to sustainable, high quality, long-lasting and timeless apparel. From the very beginning, our brand has always been closely connected to nature, to the sea, and to its natural habitats. Our designer is a citizen of the world, a tireless traveler and a lover of the pure authentic beauty of nature, which has inspired many of her designs. Her exploratory spirit is fueled not only by her passion for discovering new environments, but also by her willingness to actively help preserve them.

As a result of our desire to protect the environment and the most disadvantaged social groups, we have decided to collaborate with different NGOs that fight restlessly for social and environmental causes, by donating a percentage of all the sales made through our website. At the time of finalizing a purchase, our customers will have the possibility to select which cause they’d prefer that part of the purchase price to be used for.

sapphire school, agua de coco

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We collaborate with the Agua de Coco Foundation, created 25 years ago and which has offices in different countries, from Spain to Cambodia or Madagascar. This NGO works simultaneously in different campaigns with various axes of action (education, health, environment …), and our current objective is to make donations for its social project “Escuela de los Zafiros” or Sapphire School.

This campaign is aimed to reduce child exploitation in an area of precious-stone mines, and to guarantee access to quality education. This project is focused on nursery and primary-school pupils, and it also offers shelter to young girls and female teenagers at risk of social exclusion, as a first stage towards the empowerment of this group.

They also offer medical and nutritional monitoring of students, excursions, “green classes”, music workshops, and many other recreational and educational activities.

save the med, protect the mediterranean sea

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At BENIBECA we are not only aware of the urgent need to take care of the environment in order to guarantee a sustainable and healthy life, but we also feel a special connection to the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic Islands – our own name comes from a beautiful fishing village in the Island of Menorca -.

For this reason, we have decided to participate in an environmental project. We have chosen to start collaborating with the Save The Med Foundation, which is dedicated to the marine regeneration of the Mediterranean Sea and the protection of its biodiversity through scientific research and collaborations with the local government to create Marine Protected Areas. In addition, this NGO also organizes campaigns to reduce the plastic pollution of the sea -one of the greatest challenges in today’s society-, and, along with the Alnitak NGO, carries out expeditions and studies to discover and protect potentially vulnerable species in the Mediterranean Sea.