BENIBECA offers an easy, quick and efficient way to place wholesale orders directly through a private B2B platform inside of the website. We also offer the possibility to connect via API online marketplaces to our own site powered by Shopify. 

*If an online marketplace cannot connect to Shopify automatically, we would study other options.


If you are an entrepreneur interested in accessing our B2B area, these are the quick and easy steps that you should follow: 

Step 1: Request an account at by fulfilling the form. 

Step 2: Send an introductory email to, so that we can decide the type of account proper for your case and which currency (€ or $) we should assign to your account, mainly – but not only –  based on the country. 

Step 3: Our team will set up and customize the account for you, and you will be sent the login information (username and password) via email.


Step 1: Log into the website at using your user and password. You can change the password whenever you wish (either by selecting the “Lost password” option before logging in, or by clicking on “Account details” once inside your account). 

Step 2: On menu, you will see section SHOP. Click on and all the products will be displayed to you. 

Step 3: Add to cart the products that you wish to purchase. You will see the stock available underneath each size. 

Please note that this is the only way that retailers will be able to see the products and the stock available. We will not send any Excel or any other type of document to individual customers (except for specific online marketplaces that cannot connect via API), as it would be impossible to keep track of stock properly. 

Step 4Proceed to checkout and complete the process by selecting “Payment via Bank Transfer” – unless you have received other specific instructions from our team, based on previous negotiations. At this point, your order will be set as On Hold and your Purchase Order (PO) will be sent by email

Step 5Our team will review your order and make any necessary adjustments – such as shipping fees or discounts, if applicable -, according to previous negotiations. Once the review has been finished, the Purchase Order will be updated on your profile, and you will receive an automatic email with our bank account details for the transfer. 

Step 6: You should now make the payment to the bank account that you have previously received via email.

Step 7: Unless a special and different agreement has been previously signed, our team will start processing your order when the payment has been received. The products will be sent to the provided address as soon as possible, or on the previously agreed date. 

Step 8: The final invoice will be available on your profile when the payment and the shipping have been completed. 

Step 9: You can contact for any doubts during the entire process. 

Step 10: You can contact for any administrative or logistics issues or doubts during the entire process.