In general, a minimum of 30 units is required for placing wholesale orders.


If a customer wishes to place several orders throughout the same year/season, only the first order should reach a minimum of 30 units. The following orders would only need to reach a minimum of 10 units. For re-orders, the shipping cost is not included.


Regarding the shipping, there are two possibilities available: 

  1. We could arrange the delivery, using the courier companies that we work with ¨DHL Express¨, and applying the next general terms for shipping costs.
  2. Or, we could use a third-party express courier account if a customer owns one. If that were the case, please let our team know. 

In general, free shipping is applied to: 

  • EUROPE: Orders over 1200€. 
  • CENTRAL AMERICA and LATIN AMERICA: Orders over 1800€. 

Shipping costs are not included for the next areas, independently of the order: 

  • ASIA

Shipping costs are not included for re-orders during the same year/season. 

If you wish to know how long it would take for an order to arrive to your address, or what shipping conditions would apply to your specific case, please contact info@benibeca.com and our team will solve your doubts as soon as possible. 

Also, please note that exceptional situations that are not under our control – such as a virus outbreak – could trigger delays during delivery.


These are the general terms for order confirmation unless a client has reached another specific and exceptional agreement with our team

Usually, we require payments in advance to have orders produced and/or shipped to the customer. Exceptionally, other conditions could be negotiated in very specific cases. 

  • If a client wishes to pre-order for the coming season, they should pay 30% of the total amount of their order in advance as order confirmation. Except for very exceptional circumstances, we will not produce an order if a confirmation has not been received first. The other 70% must be paid before the shipping of the goods. 
  • If a client wishes to order for the current season(based on stock availability), but they don’t want to receive their products just yet, they should pay 30% as order confirmation, so that we can hold the requested stock for them. The other 70% must be done before the shipping is made. 
  • If a customer wishes to order or reorder for the current season (based on stock availability), and to receive the products immediately,they should pay 100% of their order before shipping. 

All payments should be made via bank transfer unless other instructions have been specifically given by our team to a customer.

For payments with credit card or Paypal we charge 1% extra (commission for third party gateway payment)


All orders are thoroughly inspected before delivery to make sure that they are in perfect condition. 

Wholesale returns are only accepted if an agreement has been previously made with a specific client stating that they could return the products that they have not sold by the end of the season and that we would refund the corresponding amount once the aforementioned products have arrived at our warehouse and they have been inspected by our team. This clause only applies to certain clients with whom a specific agreement has been signed.


If a client decides, for whatever reason, to cancel their order, they will not be refunded the initial 30% order confirmation. This amount is requested to finance production, and whether the customer finally wishes to be delivered the goods that he had ordered or not, these have already been produced, with all the costs generated by the production process. This is the reason why we cannot accept these refunds on cancellations. 


All questions related to sales terms, payments, logistics, and all technical issues should be addressed to admin@modaimportexport.com

Alternatively, we can also be reached from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Spanish time, CET or CEST, depending on the time of the year), at +34 660130696, only via Whatsapp.