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This contemporary, lightweight, and comfortable t-shirt is a staple of Benibeca’s universe to wear on a daily basis. Crafted from organic Pima cotton for unparalleled softness, lightness, and durability, this plain crew-neck T-shirt is the perfect expression of effortless sophistication. We’ve achieved the perfect regular fit that adapts gently to movement and brings a sense of freshness. The yarn is dyed in Benibeca colors, a palette custom-made for our pieces.

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    To reduce our carbon footprint and support the sustainable practices of small farmers from different ethnic groups, we use organic Pima cotton. This variety is the softest, strongest, and least polluting on the market.


    We manufacture our garments with Naturtex organic cotton. This company was the first to obtain this certification for the Pima variety. Endorsed with the Global Organic Textile Standard, they are also Fair Trade certified.


    The colors of the T-shirts have been obtained through a low environmental impact dyeing process. This process limits the emission of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and people, such as carcinogens and heavy metals, among others.

The best organic cotton in the world 

With better features than Egyptian cotton, the organic Pima variety is famous for its strength and softness. It is grown in the Peruvian city of Piura, whose climatic conditions and soil type have developed the unrivaled quality of Pima cotton.

The cleanest t-shirt with incan know-how 

We have worked on this piece long before the yarns were created. Our designer personally traveled to Peru to find what would become the fabric for our exclusive T-shirts. We know exactly where our cotton comes from, from the seeding to the harvesting of the crop, previously assigned to Benibeca, and the spinning of unique and exclusive fabric. A process carried out by native farmers and artisans based on Inca wisdom.