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This two-tone tote, handmade in Peru, is our summer must-have. One of a kind, it celebrates craftsmanship with a cotton weave made on a traditional loom. With a robust and sophisticated design, the piece appeals to sensoriality through different textures and honors the authenticity of handwork by maintaining the loom ends.

The crust cowhide with an aniline finish, naturally tanned without dyes or heavy metals, helps the leather to evolve beautifully over time. The interior is made of tocuyo cotton, a fabric extracted directly from plants, and features two compartments and several pockets, as well as a unique hook to keep an eye on the swimwear bag.

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We treat the leather with respect. In order to maintain its natural beauty, we do without plastic finishes or toxic elements. In this way, we allow the leather to adapt and evolve beautifully.


This traditional Peruvian cotton fabric is extracted directly from plants. It is a strong and sustainable fabric with a low carbon footprint. Its high breathability prevents moisture from thriving inside.


The bag is woven entirely from Peruvian cotton yarns. These Inca fibers are appreciated for their quality all over the world. Their growing processes and manufacturing techniques have been inherited from ancestral know-how.

This bag is crafted by Eusebio

Eusebio Suárez arrived in Hualhuas at the age of 17, when he started as a weaver. He began working at the Tahuantinsuyo eco textile workshop, where he participated continuously in training courses for weaving. At the age of 28 and with extensive experience with the pedal loom, he decided to open his workshop. However, in 2013 the handicraft suffered a crisis so he changed his occupation. But an accident at work led him to take up the craftsmanship again in 2015, with his own workshop where he has handcrafted all the Benibeca bags.

Warp made art

The bag preserves the original finish of the warp, which changes from a functional perspective (support for the weft) to a design argument. The knots prove that this fabric has been crafted by the hand of the craftsman from start to finish. It is our particular vision of craftsmanship that acquires a new and exclusive artistic dimension.

  • Original Peruvian Tocuyo cotton fabric lining and reinforcement tape to maintain shape and structure.

  • The interior has a zipper pocket for extra security and several compartments.