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Draped in the fluid lines of the Jauja Ruana, you'll find an accessory that's both a statement and a whisper. The delicate Pima yarn offers a caress of softness in a serene beige, accented with bold black patterns—a feather-light embrace that speaks to those who wear their elegance with a sense of ease. This piece moves with you from the calm of a beachside retreat to the buzz of an exclusive soirée, holding the essence of Benibeca's luxurious but laid-back spirit.

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    The artisan needs a day and a half of handcrafting to make the ruana, not counting the time dedicated to assembling the loom. It is an exclusive garment of high quality and with a slow design process, which means that its stock is very limited. The ruana is a real hand-woven jewel for your wardrobe.


    The coloring of the yarn has been achieved through a low environmental impact dyeing process. A method that limits the emission of harmful pollutants such as heavy metals or carcinogens. The colors of the ruanas are part of the Benibeca palette, created exclusively for our collections.

Raúl has woven this ruana by hand

Raúl Nuñez is 39 years old and belongs to the third generation of a family of artisan weavers. His roots are linked to Hualhuas, a town in the province of Huancayo in Peru. This district is known as the cradle of weavers and artisans. His way of working has preserved the ancestral know-how of the Inca culture, to which he belongs. It was at the age of 12 when Raúl started to work on the pedal loom, a technique that he now develops with mastery. Proof of this is the exquisite ruanas he has made for Benibeca, a reflection of the possibilities offered by the new craftsmanship connected to contemporary luxury.

Pima, the best cotton in the world.

Pima cotton from Peru is considered the longest, strongest, softest, and whitest cotton staple in the world. The finest and most valued thread on the market is obtained from this fiber, Pima 20/02, an exclusive material due to its scarce production. By using Pima cotton, the garments acquire an exquisite sensoriality that places luxury in a new dimension.